Mt. Gilead is an active ministry that believes in honoring the gifts and “treasures” that exist within each member. Our listing of ministries reflects the God-given vision and assignment of this ministry as well as the needs that are represented within the congregation.

Please select a ministry leader to view the individual ministries under their leadership:
Co-Pastor Elena Robertson, Assistant Pastor Kenneth Mitchell, Elder: Angela Bailey, Elder: Chris Daniely,Elder Ricky Flowers, Elder Kim Farrar, Elder Derrick Maye, Elder Tracy Gore, Elder Sundra Johnson, Elder Calvin Jones, Elder Karen Kirby, Elder Wayne Lynch, Elder Gloria Mitchell, Elder Kathryn Nelson, Elder Eric Thompson, Elder Tony Whittingham, Elder Zelda Williams, Elder Delores Winfield, Elder Venus Flowers, Elder Candice Nichols,Min. Terry Graves

Co-Pastor Elena Robertson
Music Ministry - As an integral part of the worship experience, Mt. Gilead’s Music Ministry seeks to usher in the presence of God by singing His praises in the Adult and Youth Choirs and Praise/Worship teams.

International Missions Ministry -  In keeping with our mandate to train disciples to evangelize the world, the International Missions Ministry (IMM) seeks to prepare missionaries to be effective in executing their Kingdom assignment; spirit, soul, and body.  Comprised of men and women with a heart towards reaching the world with the gospel, this ministry works behind the scenes to coordinate travel arrangements, prepares missions itineraries, and facilitates training to prepare missionaries for their Kingdom assignment.  IMM provides support for missionaries prior to their departure and helps to keep the family connected  while they are on the mission field.  The global vision for this dynamic ministry includes adopting a village, hosting missions conferences and sponsoring missions trips to fulfill the Great Commission.

Decor Ministry - provides services to beautiful the interior facilities of Mt. Gilead through interior decorating, event decorating, and floral decor. 

Women of the Word (WOW) is Mt. Gilead’s dynamic women’s ministry. Founded by Co-Pastor Elena Robertson, WOW endeavors to minister a practical and relevant Word for victorious living to women of all ages. From young girls to grandmothers, WOW has a variety of special programs to help women address all dimensions of their lives and holds an annual conference for women. 

Wowettes – ministry to elementary school age girls
Virtue - ministry to middle school age girls
Chosen – ministry to high school age girls
Earthen Vessels – ministry to pregnant teens and teen moms.
WOW – ministry to all women
WOW Care – provide childcare during WOW and other fellowships within Mt. Gilead
WOW Moms – ministry to moms
GRAFTED  - ministry to foster and adoptive families

Women Support Network:

Just Support- support group to women and families affected by cancer.
NBA- Never Bound Again, support women and children dealing with domestic violence.
Rare Jewels - support group to women dealing with divorce and separation.
Believing Wives - support group to women believing for their husbands salvation and wholeness in Christ Jesus.
Women Human Services – provide guidance with resources available to women and their children transitioning through crises.

The Treasure Wythe Inn - Christ-centered transitional homes that provide a safe haven for women and their families.

Assistant Pastor: Kenneth Mitchell
With a passion for carrying out the vision, Assistant Pastor Kenneth Mitchell supports Bishop Robertson in all areas pertaining to the spiritual matters of the ministry.  He is directly responsible for the counseling ministry including premarital counseling, as well as officiating weddings and homegoing ceremonies.  As a large and vibrant ministry, Assistant Pastor Mitchell also provides oversight and guidance of Mt. Gilead’s Helps Ministry which is essential to our ability to change lives with the Word of God.


Elder Angela Bailey
Ministerial Team - Mt. Gilead’s Ministerial Team is responsible for providing individual ministry to those who respond to the invitation to receive salvation, rededication, the baptism of the Holy Spirit and/or membership.  Being vessels through whom the Father’s love is clearly reflected, the Ministerial Team is trained to exemplify compassion for those who are hurting and seeks to facilitate the ministry of reconciliation as faithful ambassadors of the Lord. 


Elder Chris Daniely
Young Lions Program – The Young Lions Program is a innovative mentoring program that targets young men ages 8-16. The goal of the program is to provide guidance and leadership using the pillars of spiritual power, authority, responsibility, and accountability to God, the mentors and the participants.

Elder Flowers
Parking Lot Ministry – Direct traffic toward into and around Mt. Gilead’s parking areas and ensure a smooth flow of cars as they enter and exit the grounds of Mt. Gilead.

Security Ministry – This ministry is responsible for serving and protecting Bishop, Co-Pastor, and other ministers against potential threats.  The Security Ministry is also responsible for watching over the congregation and church grounds.  This ministry serves during all services and special events both at Mt. Gilead and any events held at outside locations.

Substance Abuse Ministry - The Kingdom Overcomers Ministry endeavors to provide support , prayer, and understanding for those who are struggling with addiction.  We also encourage the family, friends, and loved ones who deal with co-dependency to become actively involved in the Kingdom Overcomers Ministry.  Through practical teaching of the Word of God combined with life lessons from those who have overcome addiction, ministry members receive the knowledge and spiritual insight needed to obtain the deliverance and victory God has intended for every believer.    The ministry meetings are held every 1st and 3rd Monday at Mt. Gilead beginning at 7:00 p.m. and both members and nonmembers are welcomed to attend.  

Elder Kim Farrar
The Young Christian Executive Overcomer (CEO) –The Young Christian Executive Overcomer is Mt. Gilead's Young Adult Ministry established to provide training for young adults (18-35) to be leaders and to prosper in every area the ministry and in their personal lives.  By embracing their zeal for Christ and their hunger for fresh approaches to minister gospel, Mt. Gilead is laying a foundation through sound teaching while encouraging the practical application of the Word of God.





Elder Tracy Gore
Follow-Up/Member Recruitment – The focus of this ministry is to contact all non-members to  answer any general questions about their spiritual needs, the church or ministry activities.

New Believers - Provides regular calls to all individuals who accept Christ for the first time and become a member of Mt. Gilead.  The New Members’Team contacts new members to provide support and encouragement as they develop their relationship with God.





Elder Derrick Maye
CD/DVD Sales –Members of the CD/DVD Ministry are responsible for selling copies of the worship services in both audioand video format.  Members of this ministry work closely with the Word Reproduction and Bookstore Ministries to make the gospel readily available.

Word Reproduction –Responsible for duplicating the recorded Word of God onto CD’s and DVDs. This ministry is also responsible for packing special ministry products and filling orders for special events.

Photography Ministry – Members of the Photography Ministry are responsible for capturing ministry activities and special events for publications, websites, special promotions, and ministry materials.

Video Ministry - The Video Ministry is responsible for the oversight and operation of video cameras and equipment used to record worship services and special events. The Video Ministry also provides oversight of preparing footage for DVDs and the ministry television broadcasts.

Audio Ministry - Operates Mt. Gilead’s state-of-the art sound system to ensure that the overall sound system (including the speakers and musicians’ microphones) is functioning properly and consistently projecting a quality sound throughout the sanctuary and other venues.

Media Services Ministry - Creates multimedia presentations and infomercials that promote and inform members and visitors of upcoming events.  These multi-media presentations are aired before service and during the announcements on the jumbotrons.

Special Promotions Ministry -  Responsible for developing multi-media presentations using state-of-the- art graphics and video footage to promote internal and external ministry events. 

Lighting Ministry - Responsible for operating a theatrical lighting system for regularly scheduled services and special events.


Elder Sundra Johnson
Economic Empowerment - Responsible for providing tangible, practical, and educational tools to increase the career and economic status of both Mt. Gilead members and the community.  Ministry members are also involved in recruiting and maintaining Mt. Gilead’s Business Directory, hosting business-to-business networking events, maintaining the job bank, and hosting our bi-annual job fairs.

Transformation Center and Youth Bookstores – This ministry provides quality books and resources for members and visitors to further their spiritual and personal development.  




Elder Calvin Jones
Community Evangelism Outreach (CEO) - Affectionately known as CEO, the Community Evangelism Outreach was born to mobilize Mt. Gilead members to take the gospel to the streets.  Our goal is to work with community organizations to minister hope, healing, and restoration to those in need.

Special Care Ministry - Responsible for providing prayer, visitation, communion, and ministry CDs to members and their immediate family who are bereaved, ill, hospitalized, as well as those in convalescent homes. 

Healing Hands Health Ministry - Seeks to promote healthy living for individuals and members of the congregation.  Ministry members are trained to minister to the whole person including their physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs.  This ministry also provides written information on various health topics. All Healing Hands Ministry members are required to be CPR and First Aid certified.


Elder Karen Kirby
Multicultural - As one of Central Virginia’s fastest growing ministries, our congregation continues to reflect the diversity of this region. The focus of the Diversity Ministry is to assist those from all nationalities, races, and ethnic groups in their transition into a new church family. Our goal is to connect them with others of the same ethnic groups and effectively disciple and intergrate them into the life of Mt. Gilead.

Member Retention - Responsible for maintaining contact with members and working with both individuals and families to ensure that their ministry needs are addressed.

New Member Orientation - Facilitates orientation class for all new members which is taught by Bishop and Co-Pastor.



Elder Wayne Lynch

Van Ministry – Provide transportation to worship services and events for members and non-members.  With an emphasis on safety and loss control, special screening is required to become a part of this ministry.

Ushers Ministry – Welcome worshippers into the sanctuary, direct them to available seating, and provide general instructions for members and visitors in the sanctuary.  Hand out visitor’s packets, tithes and offering envelopes, lap cloths, tissues and other items as necessary.  Team members will be required to follow a dress code to provide a uniform appearance.

Altar Ministry – Provides assistance during ministry at the altar by laying cloths and distributing tissues as needed.  The Altar Ministry members also assist in the ministry rooms after the altar call and travel to ministry appointments as needed. 


Elder Gloria Mitchell
Nursing Home Ministry -  Provides ministry to elderly individuals who are residents of nursing homes or retirement facilities.  The Nursing Home Ministry also ministers the Word of God and seeks to compassionately address the spiritual needs of those residing in a nursing home or rehabilitation facility.

Intercessory Prayer Ministry – With an unwavering conviction of the power of prayer, the Intercessory Prayer Ministry is responsible for undergirding the overall ministry and its goals. This ministry also oversees Youth and Adult Corporate Prayer leaders, armour bearers for corporate prayer leaders and the watchmen.

Maintenance Ministry – This ministry plays a critical role in maintaining the overall appearance of the building.  The Maintenance Ministry is responsible for keeping all areas of the facility clean and maintained in excellence. Ministry members are required to assist in cleaning the facility before, during, and after worship services and special events.

Glorious Years - Reaching out to Mt. Gilead’s “seasoned saints,”the Glorious Years Ministry is responsible for ministry events and fellowships those who are 50 years of age and older.

Elder Kathryn Nelson
We C.A.R.E.- Seeks to establish a standard of excellence and caring throughout the ministry toward both members and visitors by placing special emphasis on Courteously-Assisting, Relating and Empowering members and visitors. We CARE seeks to improve the communication within every level of the organization by making information readily accessible using multiple communication platforms.

Special Events Task Force (SETF) – Coordinates the set-up and breakdown of facility/furnishings for special events including weddings, receptions, banquets, meetings and conferences.  Due to the unique needs of this ministry, SETF members are selected and appointed.

Events and Planning – Coordinates and plans facility use for internal and external ministries for weddings, receptions, banquets, meetings and conferences. The Events and Planning Coordinator serves as the point of contact for scheduling baptisms, the dedication of children, Holy Communion, and New Members Orientation.

Elder Eric Thompson, Sr.

Evangelism - Members of the Evangelism Ministry are passionate about seeking lost souls and openly sharing the Word of God and leading others into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The evangelism ministry utilizes a variety of evangelistic tools and opportunities in order to win these lost souls to the Body of Christ.

Jail/Prison Ministry –Responsible for ministering the Word of God to those confined to correctional facilities.  Ministry members place special emphasis on the power of intercession and encouraging inmates to develop and strengthen their relationship with God. Members of this ministry must be released by Assistant Pastor and will have to meet specific requirements in order to be admitted to correctional facilities.

Special Forces Ministry - This ministry takes a radical approach to sharing the gospel by going to some of the most undesirable places all over the Greater Richmond area.  Members of the Special Forces Ministry can be found outside of night clubs, sports bars, on street corners, and in communities plagued with drugs and violence.  Due to the intensity associated with this ministry, volunteers are approved based upon the assessment and recommendation of the ministry overseer.

Abortion Clinic Ministry - This ministry is responsible for representing Jesus Christ at local abortion clinics and compassionately convincing mothers to preserve the lives of their unborn children.  Due to the intensity associated with this ministry, volunteers are approved based upon the assessment and recommendation of the ministry overseer.


Elder Tony Whittingham
Marriage Ministry - Also known as “The BOMB” (Bone of My Bone), Mt. Gilead’s Marriage Ministry seeks to encourage strong and vibrant marriages through ministry events, fellowships, and conferences.

Warriors with a Vision - Organize fellowships and activities for young men age 11-17.

Men’s Ministry - With a focus on ministering to the whole man; spirit, soul and body, Mt. Gilead’s Men’s Ministry actively seeks to encourage men to be the mighty men of valor. Through fellowships, outings, and conferences, men of all ages are encouraged to develop and strengthen their relationships with God, their family, and the community. 

Protecting Arms – Protect those that may fall under the power of God and ensure their safety and comfort.

Greeters - Responsible for providing a warm and inviting presence for everyone that enters the doors of the church.  Greeters are also responsible for assisting visitors and members as needed with directions to the restroom facilities, café, or the location of any special registration tables in the vestibule. 

Elder Zelda Dugger
Dance Ministries – The Dance Ministry of Mt. Gilead includes pantomime, flag & banner, praise and worship dance, interpretive dance, hip-hop dance, and crump dance teams.  Through these various forms of dance, God equips and anoints these dynamic ministry teams to spread the gospel through radical expressions of praise and powerfully pure worship.  Auditions may be required. 

All Step Ministries – Provide ministry through stepping at services as well as special outreach events.

Anointed Hands – Responsible for creating and maintaining praise dance attire and production costumes.


Elder Delores Winfield
The CORE (Center of Real Evangelism) – Transform minds through the lyrical Word of God and music.  Evangelism through CORE occurs in the traditional setting of a church as well as in the streets, jails, group homes, and churches.

Comedy Ministry – Members encourage and exhort the church through humor, skits and performances.

Ministry of Performing Arts- This creative and dynamic ministry uses various forms of dramatic interpretation to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Ministry engagements may range from outdoor events to large theatrical productions. Auditions may be required.


Elder Venus Flowers and Elder Candice Nicholas

Dining Services - Responsible for preparing and serving food for regularly schedule services, visitors’ reception, and special occasions. 







Min. Terry Graves
With a passion for carrying out the vision, Terry Graves serves as Executive Pastoral Administrator to Bishop & Co-Pastor Robertson.  She serves as the liaison between the Pastoral Office and all internal and external interfaces.  Additionally, she oversees the risk management and compliance aspects of the ministry.